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Welcome to the Inline|Creative Blog

Here you’ll find all of the Divi resources I’ve written to help other Divi web designers with their own designs. The blog includes CSS tips and tricks, Divi Child Themes, a guide to Divi Freelancing, downloadable layouts and much more.

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How To Make Divi Blog Grid Posts The Same Height

I love Divi's blog module, and I think that the grid layout is fantastic out-of-the-box. And with a little styling, the grid can look extremely flash and provide an awesome user experience to your visitors. If you haven't checked out my Blog Grid tutorial then take a...

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Welcome To The Inline|Creative Blog

Welcome! Firstly, if you've delved this far into my website then thank you! This is the first post of the Inline|Creative blog, so it seems like a natural place to introduce myself and my services. As you may have read in my About section, I'm Tim and I'm the guy...

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