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Is Your Website Secure? Our Hosting Provider, SiteGround, Offers HTTPS Security With A Click

For many people looking for a web design company to look after their website, security is just one of many things that you probably haven’t had the time to look into. And why would you? You’re looking for somebody to look after your site for the exact reason that you don’t need to look into these things. However, I’m sure that everyone respects the necessity for a secure website.

You may have noticed recently that, in Google Chrome at least, a lot of websites display a green padlock with the word “Secure” just to the left of the address bar. For mobile users, you’ll simply see a padlock next to the address bar. This means that the website has been secured with an SSL certificate and that the website is running through https:// as opposed to http://. In a nutshell, this means that all data sent between the web browser and the server is encrypted so that sensitive data is protected.


Do I need SSL Security on my website?

The short answer is, as of 2017, yes. Even if you aren’t handling sensitive information, such as customer credit card details if you’re running an online shop, having a secure website still has its benefits. A huge benefit is that Google is now favouring SSL certified websites as a ranking indicator. Another is that Google Chrome will soon be displaying the words “Not Secure” next to the website’s address bar of non-SSL websites – this would most likely lead to visitors clicking away from your site.


How Do I Secure My Website?

Our hosting provider here at Inline|Creative, SiteGround, is now offering SSL encryption at a click of a button. This is fantastic news for all existing customers of SiteGround and, if you’re visiting this blog as somebody who is interested in hiring us to design and host your website, you’ll know that your website will come secured out-of-the-box.

Visit our Pricing page for more details on our hosting packages.


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